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Tarotbytes: Queen of Coins in a Career reading

Tarotbytes: Queen of Coins in a Career reading


There are lots of things that add depth and meaning to a card reading in addition to a card’s traditional “meaning”. The suite, the place of the card within the overall card spread, the general feel of the card’s message (advice, cautioning, validation, encouragement, consolation, etc), and the question the client brings to the reading all add important context. All that supporting context comes…

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Menu Ideas week of 20 October 2014

Menu Ideas week of 20 October 2014

Monday – veggie-ish lasagne

Tuesday – Chicken Broccoli Corn Chowder

Wednesday – Jamba-like-a

Thursday - Green Chili  and corn muffins

Friday – lemon baked fish and confetti rice

Next week…Halloween menu :D

Also coming soon…the Halloween episode of Menage A Tarot….David, Kate and I talk Ghosts, Vampires and Tarot…oh my!

Click HERE to learn more about the Menage A Tarot podcast

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Look around. What can you find about right here and right now that makes you happy. What makes you…


Look around. What can you find about right here and right now that makes you happy. What makes you happy, content and like your cup is full? Is it something from outside yourself? How do you find it? Or can you fill your cup from what is at hand. Can you fill your cup from the eternal spring of happiness that lives inside you?

Many thanks to the kind folks at the Carnegie Library, Oakland…

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Hello Oakland!

Tonight’s the night for the night circus, dreamers! I’ll be appearing at the Oakland branch of the Carnegie Library in Pittsburgh from 7 – 9 pm tonight doing Tarot readings and talking about my book “#PeaceTarot” which is a how-to and daily Tarot meditation guide. The event is inspired by the book “The Night Circus” by Erin Morganstern…a far more fascinating read than I expected. If you like…

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Tarotbytes: The World


What size is your world? Does it end at your skin? Extend to your fellow man? Or is Earth merely the heart, with the cosmos at your call? Human energy attention is a marvelous thing able to shift from the smallest to the largest perspective. Don’t be afraid of the big picture.


Had the absolute pleasure of taping a new Menage A Tarot podcast with David and Kate. Vampires and Ghosts and Tarot…

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Arcana in Balance: The Hanged Man

Arcana in Balance: The Hanged Man

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When I very first learned there was a Tarot card called the “Hanged Man”, my first thought was a neck-hanging gallows type from wild west movies. I was expecting morbid and dark and something akin to the Death card. But when I look at the RWS artwork it doesn’t give me that feeling at all. It reminds more of one of those circus performers that climb and hang from those long cloths or velvet…

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