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Scattered Life Collective 18 April 2014

Scattered Life Collective 18 April 2014


The Scattered Life Collective was begun by Cynthia Lee of It is a simple idea, beautiful in its simplicity… she, and other bloggers write a short post about, well, life. We share the simple, common things that make up the skeleton and matrix of our daily lives. To be a part of the collective, just write your own post, link it to the spirituncaged post, and put a link to your…

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Love an Egg


I can’t imagine this time of year without eggs. Even though I no longer celebrate Easter per se, I still appreciate the symbolism of new life, renewal, the cycles of nature and so on that eggs have come to symbolize.

And they taste good. Scrambled egg sandwiches have always been a favorite. Who, save the allergic, doesn’t like the peanut butter filled chocolate kind?

Ideas for using those…

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Return of Arcana in Balance series: The Fool

Return of Arcana in Balance series: The Fool


Back in 2009, I started a series of posts about the cards of the major arcana and the way they point out places in life where balance is needed. All the cards have that aspect…no one card is all good or all bad. The card right side up isn’t one thing and reversed another…like life, all the cards have a balance of opposites contained all in one whole. I’ve always agreed with Diane Morgan “Magical…

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Tarotbytes - Ace of Cups

Tarotbytes – Ace of Cups


This is the third post about the Aces of the Minor Arcana. Admittedly, this is one of my favorite cards. Cups are deeply symbolic, being associated with the element of water, the feminine, and intuition. Like the swords, it helps to put this card into a cultural context. Tarot comes to us from a deeply Catholic part of medieval Europe. It is not surprising that the “cup” is more often than not…

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Tao Tuesday Chapter 44

Tao Tuesday Chapter 44

Surprise! Tao Tuesday ON a Tuesday!

Tao Tuesday is a web sharing project by Amy Putkonen of Each Tuesday she posts a chapter from her version of the Tao Te Ching and invites readers to write their own comment on the chapter. If you would like to comment as well, just link to her post in yours, and then visit her post to link to your blog with the linky widget at…

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Merry Monday: The Big Friendly Button

Merry Monday: The Big Friendly Button


“Merry Monday” is a project for 2014-15 where my goal is to find one little thing each week that is a delight, a little fun, a little, well, merry. I post it here, and hope you will either post your own merry-ness in the comments or send a link to your own merry monday post if you have a blog. If you post, please link to here, and share a link to you so we all can share in the fun too. 


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Poetry Prompt #6 - Reverse Acrostic

Poetry Prompt #6 – Reverse Acrostic

Originally posted on We Drink Because We’re Poets:

Hello everyone!

This week I planned a slightly more challenging prompt to stir and spin your muse. Without further delay, here is what we will be writing this week:

This weeks prompt is the Reversed Acrostic.

An acrosticis a poem or other form of writing in which the first letter, syllable or word of each line, paragraph or other recurring…

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Merry Monday Project

NekoCatOver on my Holistic Health blog, I’ve introduced the “Merry Monday Project”. Inspired by Cynthia Lee’s “Scattered Life Collective”  and Amy Putkonen’s “Tao Tuesday“.

Merry Monday is crazy simple, and I invite all of you to do it too – whether you share it with anyone or not.

The basic idea is to find one thing a week that makes you happy, brings a little smile to your face, a moment of lightness…

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