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Merry Monday : Mash-ups

Merry Monday : Mash-ups


They are often an over-used meme and all too cliche. Sometimes they are fun, and fall under the greatest “Merry Monday” treasure of all…humor. But that’s another story.

For today, mash-ups can be beyawsome.

The “Pheneas and Ferb” Star Wars special had me in stitches. And there is nothing better than a good Weird Al Yankovic parody, right?

But there are other, excellent, but more serious mash-ups…

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Tarotbytes: 9 of swords

Tarotbytes: 9 of swords


I do it.

I suspect lots of people do.

Sometimes an annoyance (or something bigger) and it is hard to let it go. Truth is that kind of grudge-holding, meat grinding holding on to things only hurts yourself. It doesn’t do a thing to the person who hurt you for you to lay there loosing sleep over what happened.

Act appropriately, set boundaries, do the right thing as best as you can, then let it go…

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Potato Smash


So simple, so tasty. You can decide if it is right for your level of healthy diet or not. I’m not a huge potato fan, but the family loves these.

2 lbs potatoes, cleaned, cubed to around 1 inch or slightly larger (I don’t peel except green parts) I’ve used both yukon gold and red potaotes. Either works fine.

4 Tbs butter – cut into smaller pieces – can add extra to get desired texture if needed.

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Technical Gremlins

I’ll be sprucing up the website around Sept 21-23, and redoing several pages to reflect Fall specials, hours, prices etc

If by some change there are technical gremlins running amuck, and the website isn’t available those days, please don’t hesitate to contact me at You can still order email readings or schedule other readings that way.

I’ll be introducing a new look…

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Merry Monday: Mindful Mindlessness

Merry Monday: Mindful Mindlessness

…Meaning meditation

I think that is a new personal best for alliteration.

But by now you might be wondering what th’ heck is mindful mindlessness. Today I’m thinking  in terms of Mary Poppins again. Remember the famous “spoonful of sugar” scene…where cleaning the nursery was turned into a game? That is just a whimsical way of talking about a shift in perception. It isn’t just for kids. In fact,…

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